Critter Magazine is an animal adoption publication dedicated to improving the quality of life for animals through education, by supporting spay/neuter efforts, encouraging responsible pet guardianship, and helping find loving homes for animals in need. Although the majority of animals profiled are dogs and cats, we will feature any animal that is in need of adoption. If you are looking to add a new pet companion to your family, please explore the pages of our magazines and see if there's a special someone you can't resist!

The focus of our magazine is simple, since all three of the following components are critical to animal welfare.  

  • Adoption - The most important part of the adoption process is not simply finding a home for our animal friends, but creating a match that will succeed. 

  • Awareness  - There are many issues that contribute to the ever-increasing number of homeless animals, but the single most important thing we can do to reduce pet overpopulation is to SPAY or NEUTER companion animals. No matter what anyone says, there is never a good reason not to spay or neuter.

  • Education - Editorial content serves to inform and educate. One of the most popular features is our 'Kids' Page', which we use to emphasize humane, environmental and character education to the next generation of animal lovers.

We are committed to creating a free community paper - for the people and the animals - with the help of advertising support from local and regional businesses. If you like what we're doing - please support these businesses in return ... we couldn't do it without them!

Critter Magazine™ is published monthly and distributed in communities throughout Western North Carolina.


Advertising and editorial deadline is the 15th of the month for the following month's issue. We welcome letters to the editor, comments and suggestions, as well as informative articles and stories that are relevant to our goals.


Subscriptions are available for $30 per year.

We cannot screen either potential adopters or available animals and urge all parties to act responsibly in these matters.

If you would like to publish a Critter Magazine™ in your community, contact Elaine Lite at (828) 255-0516         or e-mail: